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Flottmeyer, Ryan, and Saynor (FBRS): Attorneys at Law, LLC

Flottmeyer, Ryan, and Sayner
Attorneys at Law, LLC

Flottmeyer, Ryan & Sayner is a law firm located near downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin. We handle many various types of cases, including but not limited to, family law, criminal law, bankruptcy, estate planning and social security. With just about every type of case, we can either handle it ourselves or refer you to someone we know and trust. We have four experienced La Crosse attorneys and a friendly staff to help you out.

On our site you will find more information about the different types of cases our lawyers handle. You will also find more information about our attorneys and our billing practices.

Of course, the purpose of this website is not only to introduce ourselves, but to also give you a chance to tell us about your case. All the lawyers in our office are very interested in discussing your case with you. We cannot give you any legal advice unless we are actually retained to represent you, but we can give you general legal information about your type of case (social security, bankruptcy, family law, criminal law, traffic, estate planning, etc.) and the local court system. You can contact us by phone at (608) 784-3567 or email at cgilkes@fbrs.net

If you are unsure of the legal area in which your situation applies, please contact these La Crosse lawyers at cgilkes@fbrs.net or by calling our office at 608.784.3567.

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